Monday, December 08, 2008

Expounding on the previous

Saturday I felt I needed to expound a little more on my experience of that morning, to explain where I was coming from, but when I got home, the computer was having a brain spasm & I couldn't get on the internet. Wynn fixed it Sunday night, so here I am, Monday afternoon, hoping I can remember the things I had to say....

For AmeriCorp, we need to do 50 hours of community service this school year...25 in an 'easy circle' meaning that it is something that is no big deal for us to do. Carpooling for Colorguard took care of that quite nicely & easily. The other 25 have to be in the 'hard circle'. It has to benefit the community, for a non-profit organization & cannot be for church. I thought I had a project lined up, actually putting kits together for CAPSA, but it fell through. Then our study group leader begged us to help her with her sub-for Santa project, there were plenty of hours for everyone! We said yes & she was to tell us when she needed us. I finally emailed her since none of us had heard from her...she had some USU students come & help her the week before instead, so she was all done. So #2 fell through. I thought I had another date lined up to do some things for CAPSA, but it happens to be next weekend, while I am supposed to be in Layton at my neice-in-law's baby shower!!! #3 falling through. At this point I am saying 'Are you kidding me!? It shouldn't be this hard, I already have part of the hours done!' So enter the ward Christmas party, I don't know what we're doing, but I figure we'll go, it'll be good.

Long about Friday night I start talking myself out of going, even though I was feeling so strongly that we needed to go.....It's the one morning I can sleep in, I could actually take my walk in the morning, I could take a bubble bath & maybe actually get some reading done, it's probably just a Church Humanitarian project. Yes, I actually thought just! This is when I realized how horrible I was being about it all and decided we were going no matter what they were doing.

We got there & ate breakfast & then I went around the doors & read what they were doing in each room. THAT is when I found out it was for CAPSA!!! I had to do some quick repenting. Here the Lord was trying to help me get my much needed hours while I was helping someone else & I was being whiney. I have spent the last 3 days apologizing to my Heavenly Father for being so ungrateful for the things I have & almost not doing something he was handing right to me. Very big teaching moment for me with my kids. Yes, I got something out of this, but if I hadn't quit my pitty party & gone, I would have missed the opportunity.....not only to get my hours, but to help someone in need when I have so much.

And I still got my walk & reading time in that day anyway.


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Love Mom

tawnya said...

Oh, did you have somewhere else to put kits together?

Sandra said...

Funny how He works like that, huh? Did I ever tell you my chocolate chip story?

loretta said...

mom--just teaching from you kicking in

T--I actually had a couple of others places, all falling through. Guess the Lord didn't want me doing them there.

Sandra--nope, no chocolate chip story I can think of