Monday, December 29, 2008

You're finally 7

We took down all the Christmas decorations on Saturday is Tanner's birthday!!! We used to leave them up until January 2nd, but we want his birthday to be just that, his birthday, seperate from Christmas. This year neither have been very exciting for him. He woke up Christmas morning with a fever & has been sick ever since, so has been heavily medicated, but still played with his toys while awake. He seems to be doing better today, and is playing with Lexie with all his toys. He wants to build a snowman with all the snow we've gotten lately, but going outside & getting wet & cold would probably not be the best idea.

Tanner is our youngest & so (as Gary says) our most spoiled, since he has older siblings with money. They all get him birthday presents as well. He seems much older than he is most of the time, because of being raised with older children I believe. He is a few grades higher on all levels in school & extemely smart, but every once in a while he says or does something that reminds us that, yes, he is just a little boy....

This summer I was cooking dinner & asked the kids what vegetable they wanted. Tanner asked, "Could we have melted corn? That's my favorite!" I told him sure, but had to turn away I was laughing so hard. Melted corn? Really? I had never thought of creamed corn that way before. But think about it, isn't that what it would look like to a little child? To this day it is called melted corn in our house. I will have to be sure this next year to print more 'Tannerisms' so we don't forget them. He is so wise in his childlike/grownup way.

We love you Tanner!!! Happy Birthday!


Sandra said...

In this picture, he looks just like Andy, don't you think?

Happy birthday Tanner!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Tanner. We lov you Grandpa and Grandma