Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Catching up #1--color guard

Last spring Morgan decided she wanted to try out for color guard with the Sky View Marching Band in Smithfield, Utah. She made it. I didn't realize at the time that this is pretty much a year round thing. It cost $492.00, but they had many fund raisers that she was able to raise the majority of the money. They start in the spring with practices, & then go all through the summer, many times for 10-12 hours a day in the blazing heat. They were in many parades, as well, over the summer. When this season is over, they can try out for winter guard, of course this costs another $350.00, (this actually costs more than any of the sports my other kids were in. Who knew?) and is what makes it year round. Of course, her advisor begged her to do it. But, they did really well this year & even traveled to Las Vegas to compete in Bands of America with bands from all over the country. THEY PLACED 6th!!! This after placing 10th last year. WOOHOO!

Following is a video from BBI (Bridgerland Band Invitational) at USU on Sept 27th. (Sorry, Wynn needs to invest in a tripod before we do any more of these I think.) She is the dark haired one on the left hand side at the beginning. Then he gets a good close up of her on the side line.

Their theme was Jekyll & Hyde:

And here she is in one of the parades this summer

And maybe we'll get better at the whole picture/video thing for winter guard.

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