Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taking the day off

Lexie doesn't have school today, so she asked if she could come to work with me. Luckily, I work at a school where this is very much accepted. She went to work with me a couple of times last year, & several of the other aides have had their younger kids there on days they didn't have school.

She wants to be a vampire for Halloween, but since I have been working on bridesmaid dresses I haven't even worked on her costume yet. She has been very good about it & said, that's ok, I'll just find stuff around the house & I can still be a vampire. So I gave her 2 options. She could go to work with me, OR, I could get a substitute & we could stay home & watch movies while I made her costume. She actually had to think about it! In my head I was saying pick stay home, pick stay home! I really wanted to take the day off. She picked stay home.

So today we are going to take Tanner to school & then go to the store to get some fabric for a cape. She has black clothes, so this should be easy. Of course, the stores costumes are all 50% off now, so maybe we will just see what we can find to buy, if it's about the same as the fabric would be. Then I will just work on bridesmaid dresses instead. This is going to be a fun day either way.

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