Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's a corduroys & sweater kind of day

Doesn't everybody know it is a 'put on your corduroys and warm sweater and curl up with hot chocolate and a good book or movie' kind of day?

Yesterday Gary, my 18 year old, had to go to Gardiner,Montana for work. That means driving a truck, pulling a loaded trailer. It was ok part of the way, then he hit the snow storm. He got to West Yellowstone where he went through last time, but this time they wouldn't let him because he was pulling a trailer. He had to turn around & go through Bozeman & Livingston to get there, adding another 1 1/2 to 2 hours each way to the trip. When he got there, he had to unload so he could head back. It got nasty on the return trip & he found himself sliding sideways down the road, WITH 4 wheel drive, three times. Fun as it is, but with a trailer? He said he had never seen so many accidents on one stretch of road in his life, and he grew up in Wyoming! The interstate by Evanston is notorious for winter accidents. He drove out of the storm, made it home safely & didn't even ding the truck or trailer & never went off the road. That's why he's their driver. Not good on mom's nerves however. But he did keep in contact with me letting me know where he was, how he was doing & what the weather was doing. I think it was as much for his piece of mind as mine.

Morgan, my 14 year old, is performing in Pocatello at the Holt Arena at ISU. I just carpooled her & 4 other of the colorguard girls up to the high school to catch the bus. It has been blowing hard all night & as I dropped them off, it started snowing. By the time I got home, it was bigger flakes. It is now snowing sideways. If it keeps up, we will have a blizzard. Now I have another child on the freeway in a snow storm today. I can't wait until she calls me to let me know they are back & I can go get them, tonight, at 7:00, or whenever. It's going to be a long wait if this weather keeps up.

Lexie, my 11 year old, is going to perform with the Vistauns (high school drill team) for the half time at football on Oct 23rd. They are practicing today at the high school. I get to go watch at 1:30. Maybe that will help keep my mind off traveling children.

Like I said, don't I know it's a 'put on your corduroys and warm sweater and curl up with hot chocolate and a good book or movie' kind of day? Probably not since I will be driving in the weather to get there. And I do have on the corduroys and warm sweater anyway.


Sandra said...

Ya, I get to sit out in the cold and snow and watch the band at competition in about 1 hour. I have on layers and am pulling out the gloves, scarf, cocoa...

hey, did they not come down last weekend?

loretta said...

My knee killing me with intense pain & the herd of deer in the backyard yesterday were pretty good indicators of the storm today. Good luck on staying warm!

They cancelled last week because of the weather. (The one today is indoors.) Morgan was bummed & then was fine with it once she realized it meant she could watch Conference Saturday.

tawnya said...

Uh, I'm in a sweater and jeans. Got the hot chocolate and my book & tivo are waiting for me. Guess it looks like I get your day!

morgan said...

the number one thing that i did not like on Saturday is that when we were headed into the dome us girls were in cap sleeves and not very warm pants, and we had to walk in the cold weather into the dome! it was so cold! but theen it turned out perfect because we placed first, got the colorguard caption, visual caption, and the pit caption (just so you know the visual is the drill and other stuff, and the pit is kind of like sound effcts). so my day was wonderful (minus the cold part; we got hot chocolate after we got out of our uniforms). then when i got home, i was on a surger high and mom had to drive me and 4 other girls but that is a whole different story.