Monday, October 06, 2008

Aging isn't always fun

We all think we're going to be young forever. We're invincible. We grow up, get married, have kids & think they are going to be little...forever. Then the next thing we know, they are grown up & getting married, having kids of their own, and yet, we still feel that we are young, and the cycle just repeats and repeats for each generation. We look in the mirror and wonder who that old person is staring back at us. So watching friends, family, loved ones age, isn't easy. Of course, we are the ONLY one who isn't aging. We're not like all of our high school and college friends that have seemed to start looking so old.
Wynn's dad, Dean, got sick the end of last week. The way I understand it, he just got sick in the afternoon or evening, started not feeling well and throwing up. Elaine, Wynn's mom, called Wynn's sisters. They live nearby to them and help take care of them daily. She explained what was going on & they said to call the ambulance and get him to the hospital. She did. They did emergency surgery and removed his gall bladder. Wynn, Andy & Gary went down to Ogden to see him in the hospital Saturday. He was back to his regular self, teasing the nurses & feeling pretty good.
Our mortal bodies just don't seem to agree with our heavenly spirits, or mind, that refuses to grow older. The spirit feels like we're still 20, but the mortal parts are letting us know the warranty has expired. Time to get new, or just get rid of, various parts, some still needed and others that we wonder why we ever had them to begin with. We're glad that we have the technology to do such spur of the moment things to save us from further suffering. We are grateful Dean was able to pull through so quickly despite his malfunctioning gall bladder. Looks like he will be around a while still to wonder who the person is staring back at him from the mirror, because in his 80's, he still feels like he should be 20 you know.


tawnya said...

I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious!

Sandra said...

Glad Dean is doing better and it wasn't worse.

I started a post about this a couple weeks ago, but can't get it quite right. I'll keep working on it, but thanks for the way you put it. That is just right.

Anonymous said...

So glad Dean is doing okay now. That isn't fun, remember when I had mine ? Love Mom

Drew Jenkins said...

the funny thing is mom is writting this about everyone aging but known to everyone who knows her she ages very well. she is still getting stuck as my sister if we are together or one of my brothers girlfriends. the sad thing about this? is she really not aging or do i age badly and look her age? lol :)