Monday, October 27, 2008


This weekend was the end of color guard. They left last Thursday for St George, UT (thursday & friday) & Las Vegas (saturday). They got home yesterday afternoon.

I don't know even at this point how they did in St George. The competition in Las Vegas is BOA (bands of America). There were even schools from California & Oklahoma there. Morgan called us Saturday night to tell us they were in the finals, so they still had one more competition that night. Last year Sky View placed 10th there, which they only give 10 places. This year they placed 6th!!!!! She was so excited about this we didn't hear about St George. I don't have any video of this competition since we weren't able to attend, but I will be posting other video soon. (I'm not as up on this as my sister , who has already posted a video of my daughters band.) Morgan informed us last night that there is try outs for winter guard, I think she said Thursday, and that she thinks she is going to try out. What is winter guard?!!! Where do they perform? How much is this going to cost? Maybe this weekend wasn't the end after all.

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Sandra said...

Winter guard does not perform with the band, but they have their own competitions with other gaurds- much the same as the competitions with the band. But I think that the competitions are inside- yay for inside! Kind of like a dance team.