Friday, October 17, 2008

Making progress a little at a time

But, progress is progress, right? I guess I should say what I'm talking about.

A couple of years ago, about 2 1/2 actually, I gained a lot of weight with no explanation. I worked out, counted calories, tried to do everything we are supposed to do to lose the weight. I gained more. The doctors did all the tests they could to figure out what the cause was. There was nothing, everything came back normal because being severely anemic doesn't cause weight gain. We just figured my work outs weren't as affective because of it. For some reason having no red blood cells makes you really tired with no energy. Go figure. I also was border line high blood pressure which I had never been before. Anyway, we (us & doctors) decided to do a hysterectomy the week before Christmas last year & we figured we'd go from there. And we have. Here is a nutshell of what has gone on since then.

It takes a while to gain your energy back after this surgery, not that I had any to begin with, but by February the blood pressure hadn't gone down & neither had the weight. It was either lose the weight somehow or go on blood pressure pills forever. I started going to Curves at 5:30 am Mon, Wed & Fri every week to try to get the weight off. In March the blood pressure still hadn't gone down, so I started the pills. I started walking 5 miles at 5:30 am every Tues, Thurs & Sat as well. The blood pressure started going down. The weight started to fluctuate. I went off the pills in July. Woohoo! The weight continued to fluctuate. My husband started weight watchers at work, so I started counting points with him. The weight started coming off, then stalled again. You've seen those commercials with this is how he loses weight, this is how I lose weight? Ya, they're true. His just started coming right off no problem. Well, he has had a couple of weeks that weren't as good. Since school started, I haven't been able to do my walks much, if at all, it's too dark in the morning before the girls leave for school & then I have to be getting Tanner & myself ready to leave for the school. After school it's all the mom stuff that gets done. I went on my walk again yesterday and it felt good. I'm going to figure out how to get them in anyway. Today I had a weigh & measure day at Curves, they do them once a month. I lost 1 1/2 pounds & 1 1/2 inches (combined over all) in the last month. So WOOHOO!!! It is a little at a time, not as fast as I would like, you know, 2 pounds a week, but it is going in the right direction. At least it didn't stay the same or, Heaven forbid, go up! Finally. That is a total of 10 1/2 pounds since February.

I still have a ways to go, but I know I will make it. Not by the goal date I originally had, but I will make it. I have the wedding in 5 weeks that gives me incentive. Those dresses have to not only fit, but I want to look good in them. Vain? Probably. But I've worked hard for it.

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