Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life and Death

It is interesting how life, or death, works sometimes.

We got a call Sunday afternoon during dinner from Wynn's mom, Elaine. Her brother in law, Lloyd Ashcraft, had passed away. He was married to her sister Velma. He got sick a few weeks ago, I'm not sure what it was, but I know he needed a tracheotomy. Maybe he had been sick longer than that, but I don't know. I'll have to find out. Though it was expected, it is still tough. We had stayed at their (Uncle Lloyd & Aunt Velma's) house in St. George a few times. They are two of the most loving generous people I know. They moved back to California a couple of years ago. Since Wynn's parents are neither doing well, Dean just getting out of the hospital himself, they won't be able to make it to the funeral. I know they wish they could be there, as do we all, but it just hasn't worked out for any of us to go. They are all in our prayers & we know he is in a better, happier, more peaceful place. We love you Uncle Lloyd.

For the life part...Nolan's (Wynn's brother) oldest daughter (Kelsee Garcia) just had her first baby Sunday around midnight. (They were married last year, August of 2007. ) I'm sure Uncle Lloyd was there to usher Harlee Mae into her new life. She was 21 1/2" long & 9 lbs 6.5 oz. She is adorable with chubby cheeks & black curly hair. I'm just glad none of my babies were that big, I feel for Kelsee but I hear she did great. She will be such a great & cute mom. This is great grandbaby number 10 I do believe, unless I've miscounted. Nolan & Trudy's 2nd grandbaby is due in January. We are the only ones not grandparents yet, but with my first just getting married, we can wait for a while.

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