Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tannerisms #7

At the first of July-ish I bought Tanner a pair of khaki pants for Church so he didn't have to wear his suit all summer. (he gets too hot and that's never good!) He wore them to church, they were to the bottom of his shoe just above the floor so not dragging. He wore them the next Sunday and I noticed they were at the top of his shoe. I thought they must have shrunk and then remembered they hadn't been washed since he only wore them a couple of hours. I washed them and he wore them the next Friday when we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. I noticed his socks were now showing between his shoe and pants when he walked and they were really tight on his tummy. He had only wore them 3 times in 2 weeks and had been washed once!!! So I bought him a bigger pair and took the now too small pair to Tawnya for Sammy. That day I got to thinking that even though I had to buy him new pants for school in the spring because his others were too small (so they were fairly new), he hadn't worn them all summer. I figured he probably ought to try them on to see how they were so I knew what I had to buy for school.......

(If you haven't watched 'Over the Hedge' you probably won't find this as funny as it is)

Me--"Tanner go get all your jeans and try them on for me."
"So I can see how long or short they are."

I was cooking dinner so he gets them and takes them to my room which is next to the kitchen. He comes out and I see they are WELL above his ankles. Wynn was in the back yard working on the yard....

Me--"Go show your dad your pants Tanner."
Tanner--"Where is he?"
"In the back yard."
Tanner opens the back door, looks out, and with no hesitation what-so-ever turns around to me, puts his hands out and says........
"He has a weed hacker Vern, A WEED HACKER!!!" Grins and goes outside.

Honestly...where does he get this? We were laughing so hard we had tears running down our faces!

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Sandra said...

Me and Brandi too! Soooo funny.