Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tannerism #12

Lexie and I were sitting at the table playing 'Sorry'. Tanner was at the table playing with some of his toys and watching us. (Lexie and I are having a 'Sorry' tournament) I went to make a move and hesitated, to think, and Tanner put his hand on his chin and said "Hmmmm." So Lexie and I did that too and noticed that we both rolled ours eyes up.

Us, "Why do people always roll their eyes up when they're trying to think? Maybe it's so they can see in their brain."

Tanner, "Or that cloud over their head."

Us---Hysterical laughter

Tanner, "What? You know how they always have a cloud over their head when they're thinking in a commercial. If you would just look in the cloud over your head then you would know what you're thinking!"

Then he proceeds to disappear in the office, coming out a minute later. He had with him a notebook they use to draw in. He flipped right to a picture he had drawn a long time ago of a person with a dialogue cloud over their head.

"See. The cloud over peoples heads like in the commercials. Just look in there people!"


L.Jo said...

You realize you posted Tannerism #11 this morning too, right? And that it was different from this one? ;-)

loretta said...

Yeah. I just realized that. Changing it now. Hit the 1 instead of the 2 while laughing too hard I guess!!!

Sandra said...

Ok, this is funny on a couple of counts.

1. Funny because it is just funny.
2. My current class is about face and body language and how to read them. Today I was reading about eye position and of course the roll the eyes up and to the (usually right) means the person is thinking. And I pay big bucks for these classes when all I needed to do was talk to Tanner!