Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good Grief!

Man. Has it really been that long since I last did a post? I guess I have some serious catching up to do! I'm not planning on doing a long one here though. Just a short 'this is what's been going on' one.

We went to Lander for Wynn's family to see his oldest sister Delaine. We celebrated both Leza's (actually posted this one) and my birthdays. I got super sick for over a week, starting the night of my birthday....didn't go anywhere, didn't do anything....for OVER a week!!! Went to 1 1/2 days of training for AmeriCorps Tuesday and yesterday, will do a post on that later. And have now sent the kids off to the first day of school. Reading Aides don't start until Sept. 2nd, though I will probably go in for a couple of days next week.

So now I have the whole day to myself. I should probably clean something, or do some sewing, but I'm not going to. I think I'm just going to curl up and read the book I've been trying to read for the last month but kept getting interrupted! It's not very long, just 237 pages, and I'm already on page 49. I think I could actually have it almost done by the time the kids get home. I'll let ya know!

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