Saturday, August 29, 2009

Does Anybody Ever Really Catch Up?

I said a few posts ago that I had a book I had been trying to read and would let you know if I finished it......yep I did! Not before the kids got home, but just a couple hours after. So, YAY ME!!!!!!

I just put up 4 Tannerisms that have been sitting here waiting for me to post, starting with #8. That kid is soooooo funny. Make sure you catch up on these! I hope it doesn't get lost in the translation.

I have a few mini-vacations from summer to post. Maybe I'll get to that next week. I can't believe August will be over on Monday!

I did finally find all of my pictures on the computer after Wynn got home from girls camp. He showed me where to look, I searched and searched. Then all of a sudden...PICTURES!!!! I got them moved back where they go and it recopied some of them a few times. So Lexie and I sat here and deleted the extras, making sure of triple checking that we did indeed already have that picture in the file it was supposed to be in. I haven't got them all on facebook yet.....but I did get them all on CD. I still need to get that flash drive too.

Drew is all moved home and now needs to start the job hunting next week. Glad it's not me.

Guess I better go exercise so I'm ready when it's time to carpool the Color Guard girls this morning!

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