Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Celebrate Good Times...Come On!!!

Today was Drew's graduation day....for the 3rd time in her life. In June 2006 she graduated from High School. One year later, May 2007, she graduated from Beauty School (which she started while still in high school mind you). So she has been a cosmetologist/stylist for over 2 years. Today she graduated with her Master Esthitician! YEAH DREW!!! She worked hard and it only took her 4 months because of already having her cosmetology license. So Wynn took the day off and he and I drove to Salt Lake to be there for her at this momentous time of her life.

Tomorrow she will take her state exam and get her Esthitician license....because we know that she will pass. Then she will be moving back home for now because her next goal is to work for a cruise line in their spa on a Cruise Ship. She already has an interview lined up...but it isn't until October. So she will live with us and work until then. WAY TO GO DREW!!! We are sooooooo proud of you!

Drew getting her turn in the 'spotlight'

Drew and her friend-ly graduates

Wynn, Drew and myself


L.Jo said...

I'm loving the green grad robes . . . never seen that color before!

Sandra said...

I think mine will be green. We'll see next year.

And Drew, Way to go girl. I just may have to take a cruise in the near future.