Monday, August 31, 2009

End of August 2009 Poster

It is the end of August, which means an update of the mission poster. Quite a change from just a couple of months ago!

Look at it filling up! 97 days already!
Still a ways to go though.

You can see each different month!


Lindsey said...

Hopefully, there is enough time left for Gary to get sent to Carlsbad!

loretta said...

He would LOVE that!!!

Dad Mom said...

Carlsbad ?

loretta said...

Carlsbad, NM is in his mission. Lindsey is married to our nephew Thomas (Sirena's oldest, had the little baby at A&L's wedding) so our neice-in-law, and he just got a job in Carlsbad as a physical therapist! So they just moved there. Yeah!