Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tannerism #11

Lexie, Tanner and myself have been watching the old school Beverly Hillbillies reruns on TVLand. We were watching an episode where 'the wealthiest woman in the world' wanted to buy the mansion. She wound up trying to bribe Granny and Ellie Mae with some fur coats. The two of them finally realized that she wasn't being sincere and decided they needed to return the fur coats. Of course, they decided they needed to return them clean, so they threw them in the washer. When they get to the woman's hotel room, they explain what they did, then show her the coats. One was shrunk, of course. The zebra one is completely white, the lye soap took the stripes right off. Etc, etc. Tanner doesn't even skip a beat and in all seriousness says........

"Well, that explains why we can't put Moose in the washer. His fur would shrink and his grey would be gone."

Yeah, that's why. Bahahahahaha!!!!!

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