Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today I started the volunteer hours for AmeriCorps. These are the 25 hours that are in the 'not comfort zone' area. For 5 hours today I volunteered at the Special Olympics. Not just me though, Morgan, Lexie and Tanner went with me. My hours go toward AmeriCorps, Morgan and Lexie's hours are for a Value Project for Young Womens. Tanner's are just so he learns to serve others.

I was very nervous this morning as we were headed there. Talk about out of my comfort zone! I didn't know what they were going to have us do. I didn't know how Tanner would do. I knew it shouldn't be a problem for Lexie, she does Peer Tutor at school. (that is where for one period of school a day, students go to class with a child with special needs and help them with their class. Lexie goes to Science with the student she peer tutors. She absolutely loves it!)

The Special Olympics today were held at the University. The event was swimming. We got to time the races. Morgan was in the big pool area (along with my friend). Lexie, Tanner and myself were in the small pool area. Each of us had a lane we were responsible for timing, except Tanner, who helped me with my lane.

It was so fun to watch the athletes and see how excited they got when they finished. Notice I didn't say when they won.....but when they finished. But, yes, they were excited when they won too. They had such great sportsmanship, they were truly role models in how to behave at a sporting event. It was also exciting to see how Tanner cheered for them & laughed as they splashed us as they got to the wall. There was one boy that, when Tanner would see him would say, "Look mom, it's the guy with the really big splash."

If my kids learned nothing else today, I hope they learned that we can always learn something from everyone. Even if they are different than we are. Though we were there to serve them, they truly taught us plenty, and in that way, served us.

We will be doing more hours for Special Olympics. I'll be posting about each of the events we get to volunteer for. I know I'll be nervous again next time as well. Maybe it won't be so out of my comfort zone by the time I get my hours done.

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