Monday, September 21, 2009

And It Starts

Tonight was 'Parent Night' for the Marching Band. That means that Sky View and Mountain Crest both perform their routine for competitions this year for their friends and family. That means it is the start of the competition season. They each perform their routine twice. Can I just say, it was cold. Not as cold as last year though since the wind wasn't blowing. Last year it was at Mountain Crest, so this year it was here, at Sky View.

Mountain Crest performed their routine. They are still polishing it up. It was a little rough still. Then they did their second performance. It went better. It was interesting. It should be good once it's a little more polished.

Then it was Sky Views turn. I must say, when Morgan walked into the living room with the new Color Guard uniform on.....I wasn't impressed. In fact I was a little worried. But as they walked out on the field I was happy to see that it looks soooo much better out on the field than just in the living room. In fact, it looks good out their in their performance.

They took the field and I was excited that I had remembered the camera. I gave it to Wynn to video the first performance up close and then go up to the top of the bleachers to video for the second performance. That way we could get Morgan & the second one would show the formations. As he was videoing, we noticed that it just stopped. We then found out that my card was full! Remember my computer being down? Yeah. I haven't been able to download my pictues forever! We did get the computer back tonight, but now I don't have anything from their performance tonight. Sigh. It looks pretty good too.

So I will get the pictures downloaded soon and hopefully get caught up on my blogging.

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