Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kill It? or Let It Die a Natural Death?

We have been having problems with our computer since June. First it messed up my whole log-in, losing all my pictures that were saved on the computer and my favorites that were saved for the internet. I found them all eventually and got them copied back where they belonged. It copied some of them several times and Lexie and I laboriously made sure we had pictures then deleted the rest....back and forth, back and forth...

Then it got a virus. We could work around it for the most part, while Wynn worked on it every day after work trying to remove it. Then it got ANOTHER virus, and we had to take it to the computer doctor. It took them no time at all and it came back feeling better. Not like new, but better than it had in a long time.

NOW it refuses to get on the internet...AT ALL!!! We are all having to use Drew's laptop for now. Are you kidding me? It says that there is a connection problem, but Drew's laptop connects just fine. GRRRRR. So now we will have to take it back to the doctor. This time I think we will add whatever it is that makes it go faster too. Might as well just get it all done now.

So that is why I am behind on my blogs again. Can't get on the computer for long and all my pictures I was going to use are on our computer and I don't feel like searching the cd's for the ones I wanted. So once we get it running, I hope I have time to catch up!

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