Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Andy!

Today is Andy's 23rd birthday! Andy has always loved loud things.....trucks, tractors.......anything that makes noise. And the faster the better. He likes the tricked out everything. Even at 2 he knew what he liked, and it had better be John Deere green. And he even got some for his birthday again this year. I don't think his collection will ever be done.

Leza planned a BBQ for his birthday dinner. We all went over to their house for it, both families. Some of the kids had to leave early, but we had a nice dinner with family.

Leza baked him his favorite...German chocolate cake
(white cupcakes as well)

He's not old enough yet. He got them all with one breath.

Happy birthday Andy!!!

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Dad Mom said...

Happy Birthday sweetie. Love Grandma