Friday, September 18, 2009

AmeriCorps---Round #2

Last year I wrote about my year in AmeriCorps. It is a volunteer program in many areas. I volunteer in Literacy. There are many requirements for the year, I am part time......
  • 900 hours

Out of those hours, there are certain areas that have to met.....

  • 25 hours of community service that can be done in an area that I am comfortable
  • 25 hours of community service that have to be done in an area where I am NOT comfortable, for a Non-profit organization, that I work directly with the people the organization benefits.....(cannot be the same thing I did last year)
  • 1 Literacy night project
  • 1 Homeland Security project
  • 1 Martin Luther King project (January)
  • 1 AmeriCorps week project (May)
  • Training, district & AmeriCorps
  • Study groups, about once a month, of which I am study group leader this year.......the organization is reading and discussing 'Bridges Out of Poverty' this year
  • only 180 of my hours can come from training and community service
  • Reading groups....I work with the most at risk in Kindergarten and 2nd grade
  • Any other things that the Principal and Literacy Facilitator have us do within the parameters of AmeriCorps
  • CERT.....since I completed this last year, I don't have to do it again this year. They didn't give anything to replace these 20 hours, so I need to get them on my own

Now we just need to make sure we get our hours in and projects done. And help the kids learn to read. Not always the easiest of all the tasks for the year.

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