Friday, March 13, 2009

Tannerisms #4

When Andy got his Mission Call, Tanner had just turned 4 years old, so he doesn't remember it. So this last 2 weeks we've been talking about Gary waiting for his Mission Call and when it should come. Tanner knew it should have been coming Wednesday, 2 days ago, like it did, or next Wednesday at the latest. I had never thought about how it must sound to just say anything along 'getting a mission call/his mission call/your mission call' to someone who doesn't really understand what a 'mission call' actually is. So we would just talk about Gary getting his mission call and Tanner would just listen. The other day, Sunday or Monday, Tanner finally asked........."So, what time are they going to call him?" Now how cute is that?

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Anonymous said...

Cute, sometimes we don't realize what little ones hear, or how they come across to them, since they don't have the same voculabry and meaning we do. love Mom