Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission!

Gary texted me, since he was at work, while I was still at work, 12:38pm in fact. I told him that I get off at 1:15pm and I would check the mail and text him. I hurried as soon as I was done with my last reading group, back to the reading room, didn't even get things ready for tomorrow, and came straight home. I knew as soon as I left the school that it would be there. I could feel it. I got home, opened the mailbox and pulled out a big white envelope from Salt Lake City!

I immediately texted him that it was here!

Then we had to wait, knowing that it was right there. Just setting there on the table in that big white envelope. But Drew is on her Mexican cruise from last Saturday to this coming Saturday. She was very upset that she would probably be gone when his call came, so they arranged that he would open it at 6:30pm our time. (Today just 'happens' to be the day they are on land in Puerto Vallarta until 10:30pm so that she could call. Coincidence? I think not.) That way everyone would be home from work and she could call so she could 'be here'. Anybody that has been through this knows how agonizing that wait is!

At 6:30 the phone rang. He let it ring a couple of times to make sure it wouldn't disconnect. He answered, Lexie put it on speaker phone, and he ripped it open.

And he is going to:


He enters the Provo, Utah MTC (Missionary Training Center) May 27, 2009. Just 4 days after his 19th birthday.

And yes, for those who know, my parents live in Tyrone, NM on the western border of New Mexico. The western border of his mission, if you can't tell from the picture, goes to just east of Alamagordo,NM. Just a few short hours from Tyrone. No, they can't go see him and there is no way to know where he'll serve, but he'll be oh so close. And his cousin, Brad Eldredge, and his family live just a couple hours south of the southern border in Houston, TX. Hmmmmm.

He is very excited that he is going to the BEST MISSION IN THE WORLD! HIS!

I guess he'll be coming home with a Texas drawl instead of the Wyoming one he has now!!!


Anonymous said...

Yipeeeeee Love Grammie amd Pompie

sexie.lexie said...

i am soooo excited, but i will miss him...very much!!!

Sandra said...

Woot Woot!

tawnya said...

You know you just plastered your address all over the internet?

Morgan said...

it was so funny to watch him while he waited when he had only about five minutes until she called. i know it's rude...but it was so funny!!!