Thursday, March 19, 2009

Did you not get the memo?

In light of the many doctor, dentist, Xray, etc visits we have been having lately, on my facebook this week I put a 'piece of flair' (one of those buttons you wear on your shirt) that says....'Attention, no crisis allowed this week, my schedule is full'. Apparently not everyone got the message! (We have been to the doctor more since Christmas than the last 4-5 years combined!)

Drew is a hair stylist. She is very good at what she does, but there is a hazard to her job, they tend to nick their fingers with their scissors all the time. It's no big deal, they get a band-aid and go on. The client doesn't even ususally know what's going on, their is no blood on them, etc. Well, she was working last night until 7:30pm. Along about 7:30 I got a text from her....'I just cut my finger. I'm coming over to see if you think it needs stitches'. I said,' K.' I thought, 'Well of course it does, it means an ER visit and your dad's not home, he's at school!' I deal well with things if I am the one there and so I have to. Then I just get queasy later. If their dad is home I let him deal with looking at these things.

She got here and came downstairs to the family room. So I told her we'd go upstairs where I could see better. Best decision I ever made! As we walked up the stairs to the landing, I could see her dad's car out front. He had come home early from school!!! Now he could look at it. He had her take the band-aid off and the blood, oh the blood. So we put a pack of gauze on it and headed to the ER. This is when we got the story: It was her last client of the day, she had finished cutting her hair and was using her thinning shears to finish up and doesn't know how it happened. She grabbed a towel, put 2 band-aids on, finished the client and texted me. She never got a drop of blood on her client. Amazing once you see what she did. The thinning shears are not what would normally cut you when using them.But here is the results:

Oh the blood!

Oh the pain!

Oh the agony!

Cleaning it out.

The stitching

Four stitches later! They had to sew it to her fingernail on the corner!

(nice picture, huh?)

She had to take today off since she can't hold the hair to cut it with that monstrosity of a bandage!


Sandra said...

So sorry, Drew.

Drew Jenkins said...

it happens and life goes on. plus i was safer in mexico, nothing happened down there but i get back to work and i go to the er!

Morgan said...

The pictures minus the last one, are so discusting!!! especially the first one!! yuck!!

lexie jane said...

i think the pictures look FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!