Monday, March 09, 2009

Lexie update

Dr. Isaacson said that if Lexie's wrist still hurt in a week to take her back in for more xrays. I took her back in this morning. We decided to just have her continue wearing the brace we got Thursday for another week. He also told her to not fall for any reason. So the note I sent her for PE still stands. Also extra careful navigation of the new foot of snow we have is a must. He gave her a referral for Saturday. That way if it still hurts on Saturday, we can go in for xrays then call him at home so he can get online to view them and the results. Then if there is a visible break, he will cast it. I hate it when things don't show on the xray. It could be just ligament damage that will heal, but an MRI is kind of an expensive way to find out something that would be treated just the way we're treating it. So we'll just wait the week and see what it feels like come Saturday.

On a good note for Morgan...We had Stake Conference this weekend. When President Jensen saw Lexie yesterday, he asked her what happened. She told him, and when he got to Morgan, she told him as well. He looked at her and told her, with a little grin, that she was forgiven. She already knew this, but I think it helped her to hear it from him.


Anonymous said...

I hope it gets better quickly. Love Mom

Morgan said...

lexie almost fell this morning getting into a friend's car when we were heading to the busstop.