Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm trying to remember that 'This too shall pass'

I commented on this on facebook, but now realize I didn't blog about it! Sunday was one of those 'It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye' (or breaks an arm) kind of night.

In our house, if you get a chance to really scare someone, you take it. Lexie and Morgans rooms are next to each other, and when Lexie was leaving her room she heard Morgan leaving hers, so she waited and scared the daylights out of Morgan. Well, Morgan was not in the mood for it, so she pushed Lexie. Of course Lexie fell and hurt her wrist. (at least it was her left wrist) Needless to say, Morgan feels HORRIBLE about it and never meant for her to fall. She has been doing all of Lexie's chores for her without being told, all week. She isn't like that, so she is devastated!

It was still hurting Monday morning, so I got a sub and took Lexie to see Dr Isaacson. Naturally we were sent for xrays, just as I knew we would. Naturally the radioligist didn' t see anything on them, just as I figured he wouldn't. We have been wrapping it since then and she is taking ibuprofen and icing it. The pain is getting worse instead of better. Drew went in to see him yesterday for a sore throat and told him this for me. He had us call him at home. So we went and got a splint for it today. Naturally if it is still hurting come Monday, we get to go in for more xrays, just as I knew he would say. I have been through this enough times with my kids, none of this surprises me. (the broken part, not the pushing part)I'm pretty sure we'll be back in for more xrays come Monday. In fact I'll be surprised if we're not. We have been to the doctor more since Christmas than we have in the last 3-4 years or more!

And of course soccer starts in a matter of just a few weeks! This too shall pass, right?


Sandra said...

I was just thinking, the other day, that it has been a long time that I have had someone in the emergency room or with stitches. I am almost afraid to write this- I just might put a jinx on the kids.

loretta said...

I just hope Gary's call gets here next week. You would not believe what it's like trying to get a missionary out! At least it's not car accidents (knock on wood) like with Andy!