Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Will Serve.....

We found out that they have split Elder Gary's districts in the Texas, Lubbock mission. He is still in Monahans, Texas. He is now the District Leader of the Fort Stockton district. Where he lives in Monahans is not even in the Fort Stockton district. They only had one set of materials for District Leaders, and the D.L. of the other half got all of them.

So at this time, Elder Gary is flying blind, so to speak. He will do great, as he does and has done with everything given him so far.

He was also made a trainer.....which means his companion is straight from the MTC and Elder Gary gets to teach him what is done and not done while on a mission.

Both of these callings are very big deals. They are only given to those missionaries who follow the rules and are very trusted to make the right choices. They are given to those who have proven humble and obedient.

Good luck Elder Gary. May your pants come home with worn out knees from calling on the Lord to be with you.

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