Thursday, May 27, 2010

And Another Happy Happy Day!

As if yesterday wasn't happy is the last day of school for the year! Happy day! We have so many plans for the summer. So much to do, so much we want to accomplish.

We have the matinees at Cine-four every Monday at noon. Morgan's besties Mandy and Lexi are planning on going with us. We will invite others to use the tickets on the days the girls can't go.

We have the library movies every Tuesday at 2:00. They are free and G-rated. They are so fun to just go to together. I usually get some reading time in too. Yay!

We are going to go on hikes and walks. Go swimming and to the lake. Go to the dam and feed the ducks. Hopefully we'll be able to get some day trips in. We won't really get a vacation because we're remodeling the house this year. Yeah, that takes all the time and money.

And I plan on reading........A LOT!!! I haven't got to do that much for the last 2 years because of all the time Ameri-corps took. But I'm gonna make up for it!

And Tanner will be going to Greenville next year. He is in the Greenville bounderies since they switched to K-5 now. I have asked to transfer there with him. I probably won't find out until August if I have a job or where it's at.

So see you through the summer! School's out until August 26th! Three whole months of summer break. YAY!!!!!

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