Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Adventure---Day 5

Today is Friday. Last day of our adventure. But we're not done yet! Last night we got to Pendleton as I said. Yeah. Not impressed. We were supposed to stay in the Red Lion. Supposed to be a nice hotel. The most we've paid for the whole trip. The most horrible of the whole trip. Yuck. Might as well have stayed at the Motel 6. It was quite unimpressive. Anyway, at least we had a bed to sleep It was supposed to be two. My recommendation is....don't stay at a hotel in Pendleton, Oregon!

I got up early even after having arrived quite late. Went to the fitness room since I figured we wouldn't be doing any hiking today. I know, huh? Kind of unusual for this trip we've had! We got ready and called the Underground Tour, per their recommendation on their site, to see what time they opened so we could get there as early as possible. No answer. So we decide to load up the car and go down there. We drive to the thriving metropolis of downtown. We find the Underground Tour building. The door is locked. We try all of them. Nothing. So we go down the street to a couple of promising looking stores. We get pictures of the Betty Boop statue outside the cafe. Go into the Fudge Shop. Yeah. Don't go there. It was filthy and disgusting. We could hardly breathe everything was so coated with dust. They had stuff in there they must have had since..........the 80's? 90's? We did answer the questions. They were really nice people. We told them about the Tour, and she even called the office. They were there! Then they asked us if we wanted a sample of fudge. Our thought? And how long has that been there. We declined.

We went to the Tour building, went around the corner and down the street and there they were! They were there. Not the address we had, but a door to the gift shop around and down the block. We looked around the gift shop, bought a couple of things. Yes we found a little something for Morgan and Lexie in Seattle yesterday (secret) and a little something today at the gift shop (secret again). We even found something for Wynn we thought he might like. He's hard to buy for. We bought the items, and our tickets for the tour, and waited for others to arrive. They recommend reservations. I guess it actually gets quite busy.

As the tour started, it was a video about the starting of Pendleton. Then they take you on the tour. The history of Pendleton's underground is very different from Seattles. Where Seattle has an underground because they had to build the city up, which happened after a fire, (it needed built up anyway), this was for the chinese to live underground, get there money to bank without a hold-up, etc. It was interesting to walk this tour and see what life must have been like. It also shows the brothels that were here. In a 5 block area there were 18 bars and I can't remember how many brothels, but just about as many as there were bars! And this was clear until 1953 or 57!!! Quite interesting. But the tour guides in Seattle were hands down sooooo much better, and what a hoot. So funny, full of personality, so loved their job! If this one hadn't been so interesting in content, I think I would have fallen asleep. She was a snooze fest. She wouldn't even leave enough time for Drew to take pictures, so we were always lagging behind, which was a BIG NO NO! Whatcha gonna do. I paid for this so......Then we found out that Portland has an Underground Tour as well! Who knew? Tawnya, did you know? Anyway, I guess that will be for another vacation. We might have to look up underground tours for America. That could be interesting.

Then since it was getting late and we had to drive 7 hours home still, we just stopped by the Woolen Mills, got a couple of pictures, walked around the shop, didn't do the tour, (another time) and headed home. We laughed and sang along with her Ipod and drove. We were planning on stopping at the Outlet Stores in Boise, but that didn't happen. We did get off to get some food at the Jack-in-the-Box in Meridian. Yeah. Don't do that either. Even though it has a sign showing it's off this exit, you can't find it unless you ask directions. Not a quick on/off for that one. Wait a couple miles down the road, there's one there! Oh well.

Wynn did remind me that he has ball games in Ogden at 8:00am tomorrow! That means we have to leave before 7:00am. Then nephew Matthew is going through the Mt Timpanogos Temple to prepare for leaving for his mission in 7 1/2 weeks! (That's 11 days before Elder Gary's One Year Mark!!! How'd that happen?!) Figured I'd see what time I get home to see what all I make it to.

Got home late. The wind is blowing and man is it a cold one! Needed to throw some jeans in the washer before going to bed so I have something to wear to the ball game, and since I don't like to put them in the dryer....don't think they're gonna be dry by morning. Don't think the kids are going in the morning. They all stayed up waiting to see me....oh, us. They are tired. So glad to be missed while I'm gone. Gotta love the kiddos! Well, I am tired and have quite a day tomorrow. Better get to bed.

Now, as we were talking on the way home. We hope Drew gets a departure date soon. We need to know how much time we have before she goes so we know how many more adventures we can plan.......and do! Of course, you can always tune in to the daily adventures that always seem to happen.......

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