Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Adventure---Day 3

So it seems I mis-spoke yesterday. The incident with the first bridge crossing happened AFTER the visit to Trader Joe's.......but it DID happen. And Drew says I said, "I just about swore!" I guess fear will affect your memory, huh? So on to today............

We woke bright and early this morning to get ready for the day and pack up to check out. We got that all done and on the road, just to get off the road in a short distance, again in the Hollywood District, to buy me my stash of Trader Joe's Roasted Plantain Chips. Seriously, if you have not had them all I can say is...SHAME ON YOU! Ok, yes I realize I had never had them until yesterday myself. But see, I didn't know about them, and now you do so you have no excuse, right? Then on the road again to the downtown district to Finnegan's toy store that Tawnya told me about. LOVE! I found Tanner the PERFECT gift in this store. Can't tell you what it is though because my kids read this and then it wouldn't be a surprise. The only problem was picking just one thing. Seriously. Could have spent a fortune in this store! Instead, I just spent a small fortune. Then Drew took some pictures at Pioneer Square. Can I just say cutest little place ever? We so understand why Tawnya loves Portland so very much. I think I could live there and be very happy.....I might even get used to the constant crossing of the river! I know, pick yourselves up off the floor people.

Then it was on the road to Seattle......with a few detours along the way of things Drew wanted photos of. It's so nice just being able to go as we please. No real time pressures like vacations usually are. We even had a few more bridges to cross, no, literally. We took pictures of the draw bridge coming into Washington from Oregon, there at Vancouver. It is so pretty there. We just took pictures along the way.

When we got to Olympia, we could see the Capitol building. So we got off the freeway and drove up to take pictures. We found a cute little neighborhood to park in. The houses were sooooo cute! I would love to live in one of them. We even found one that was for sale. Ok, maybe not. It was over $600,000.00!!! Then we walked around the Capitol campus and took pictures. Well Drew did. I left my camera home so they could take pictures of Tanner's pinewood derby last night. (Morgan has seemed to lose her camera. It just disappeared off the kitchen table a week ago!) But it was a nice little walk and stretch of the legs. Then back on the I-5 toward Seattle.

We made it to Seattle and the hotel in good time anyway. Then we spent a little time on the internet looking things up for tomorrow. Then time for dinner. There was a pub, Bull Pen Pub Bar and Grill, just up the street from the hotel, so we walked up there for dinner. Nice thing was, they aren't allowed to smoke in there! Yea! The food was really good, the waitress really...not. We had questions about what was in a few dishes to make sure that we were getting what we wanted (there were no descriptions of any kind on the menu) and she told she didn't have time to stand there and answer our questions. We had to ask for ketchup and mustard for Drew and dressing for me, that had been ordered with the meal. She dropped 1/2 of one guys dinner on the floor. She also told us that she wasn't even supposed to be there tonight. Too bad. She didn't get a tip. Well except the 2 pennies she didn't give me with my change anyway. Even after she said as we were putting my dinner in the box, "Sorry." "The food was good." "Yes, but the service wasn't." We said nothing because she was right. Seriously, what did she want us to say? Then we walked the mile back to the hotel. Seriously. What do have with hiking on this trip? The air has a little bite to it, so my hands were freezing when we got back.

Drew got on the internet to look up some things for tomorrow and I got on the treadmill. I know. More exercise. Drew got us a hotel for Pendelton tomorrow and then went to bed. I got on here. Emailed Elder Gary. Told him of our adventures and asked him about his. Hoping they are a little calm. In his last email I found out that he had caught not one, but 2 viruses that gave him seizures! He has his driving privileges back now though! Things a mom wants to find out AFTER THE FACT, MATT!!! (yes Sandra, tell him I said that!)

Tomorrow we're going to Pikes Market, Puget Sound, some stores Tawnya told us about, and a hike/tour under the city of the hidden underground. Then on to Pendelton.

Now as I sit here, a cute black man just offered to bring me something back from Denny's since he was going for a snack. No worries Wynn. I told him no thank you. After all it is 1:13AM. Then he decided not to get anything either. Talked to me for about 45 seconds about why (no caffiene, suger etc trying to go to sleep. That's why she doesn't want anything!)

So since it is 1:14AM now, I need to head to bed myself. Have a great one and come visit again for the next expounding of our adventures!


Dad Mom said...

Sounds like you are having fun. You'll have to e-mail us where all you went so we can go on vacation sometime. Love Mom

tawnya said...

Or, you know, you could just ask your daughter who lived there...

And, yeah. It's not hard to fall in love. And you didn't even see 1/2 the places I love...

Sandra said...

Well, since Donovan did the seziure thing when he was in boot camp and Matt has had his share of things, and I can't go a day without finding out something, I'll be fine knowing about it when it happens. I live in a constant state of worry and stress, so what's one more? :)

And I want to go on vacation, now. But it will be at least 2 years before I go to Oregon because I don't think it would be fair for me to vacation in/close to Matt's mission while he is there.