Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Adventure---Day 2

Today is Tuesday. We woke up in Portland and at 7:00 am it was already 51*!!! I think I could like this.....except it means that the trees are blooming. And of course Oregon is covered in many various pine trees!!! Those things are death to me. I am so allergic, but yet I suffer the allergies to have a live tree in my house for a month every Christmas. But I digress.

We started off the day going to Trader Joe's to get a supply of yummies for my sister Tawnya. The only problem with this is that we have to cross the Willamette River to get there. We're driving along the river when Drew says, "Look at that cool bridge we get to go across Mom!" I looked up and said,"OH SHHHHHOOT!!!" Then I said, "I can't believe what actually just went through my mind & almost out of my mouth as soon as I saw that! It wasn't 'shoot'." And it's not like I ever say that word, but it just popped right in there. Maybe it was appropriate considering this bridge we had to cross. Have I mentioned that the very thought of having to cross killer bridges can give me hives? Anyway, I wound up getting a few things for myself while there. I got 1 bottle each of lemonade, pink lemonade, french berry lemonade, limeade and pomegranate juice. Then I found a bag of Trader Joe's Roasted Plantain Chips. Since these are allowed for my diet, I bought a bag. Wish I had bought more! I had just been telling Drew this morning on the way to Trader Joe's how I would kill for just one potato chip right now. These took that potato chip craving away and then some! And they are sooooooo much better and better for you! I'm thinking I just might have to go back to TJ's in the morning to get me my own stash to take back with me. I have never seen these at home. Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm. Happy vacation to me!

Then it was off to see the Portland Temple. I forgot to bring a skirt, but we just took pictures out side. Now, I have seen many a picture of this Temple. Can I just say, I have yet to see a picture that does this Temple justice!!! It is absolutely, breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!! All this time I thought it was just white marble, which is beautiful in itself, but I didnt' realize the grey streaks through the marble. And that it sits in the middle of these little woods just off the freeway.......Breathtaking! It started to drizzle while we were there and got cold, but soooooo worth it! Can't wait to post those pictures.

Then back to the freeway to head up to The Dalles. We called and found out they don't give dam tours anymore, so that got scratched off the list. We did go to The Dalles though because there was an old Gothic Church Drew wanted to see. It was beautiful. Small, but worth going to see. The lady that was there was this cute, sweet little old lady. She told us about being in the military in WWII. We told her I was Drew's mom. It must have taken a few minutes to register because she followed us up to the front a bit later, looked at me and said, "You look much too young to be the mother!" We informed her we here that a lot. But it never gets old! And what is with the wind there? It was brutal! Drew rolled down her window to take a picture & we were assaulted by gale force winds loaded with dirt and gravel. She yelled OW!!!!!! and instantly rolled the window up!

Then back headed east to Maltnomah Falls. I agreed to this before I really saw what I was getting myself into! It is sooooo beautiful. It had been raining though so it was cold. We walked up to the bridge and took pictures. Drew commented about how beautiful it would be here for bridal pictues...and it would make the most beautiful pictures. Then we started up the trail to the top of the falls. We got to a corner where the mist from the falls absolutely soaks you. My hair was soaked. Then we continued up the trail.......and I mean UP! I am used to walking 5 miles at a time. I am also used to getting on the tread mill at the rec center and do the random where it gets pretty steep. But I guess I am NOT in shape. There is 11 switchbacks (we swear there are more cause they didn't count 2 of them) and they are steep. At least it is a beautiful view while hiking. Then we got to the top of the falls. I was a bit disappointed that we couldn't see the bottom from there, but I don't know that I would have been able to handle that anyway. We could see the parking lot and it looked a looooooooong way away! Oh the hike was sooooo worth it. So very beautiful.

Then we took some pictures of what this all comes from. Then as we could no longer feel our fingers, we figured it was time to hike back down. It was cold. Summer would be a nice temperature to go I would think. We got to the bottom, grabbed some veggie and fruit out of the cooler and headed back to Portland.

Drew wanted more pictures of the Temple at night so we went there. It was beautiful. I stayed in the car though because we were still not warm! Then off to find Drew something to eat and somewhere to heat my food. We swear we drove past the hotel FOREVER, but in reality we got back to the hotel in just a couple minutes!

Then time to hit the hot tub to soak those soar muscles from the hike......and warm up! It felt so good. Much needed and deserved.

Now off to bed. In the morning we will head back to TJ's, downtown Portland to go to a few stores Tawnya told us about, and then on to Seattle. We're planning on eating lunch at an Irish Pub, since it is going to be St. Patty's day and all!

Tune in for more adventures! I promise, I'm going to insert picture posts between the text posts for each day!


tawnya said...

I haven't finished, but 1. Trader Joe's is awesome.
2. Where did you end up staying and what trader joe's that you had to cross the willamette (which isn't a big deal, you have to cross it a lot...) 3. Did you at least go into the temple's atrium, just inside? It's where you can take pics since it's always rainy...

loretta said...

1. Holiday Inn Airport

2. I was a little mixed up. TJ was in the Hollywood District, so we went on the bridge AFTER TJ's!

3. Didn't know about the atrium!!! Would have if we had known!