Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday.....late.

Oops. I was going to be so good to get the blogs done on the actual birthday. I was doing good until now. Saturday we just kind of took the day off & vegged after the wedding. So even though I told Morgan happy birthday & we knew it was her birthday, I spaced putting it on the blog. Soooo.........

I cannot believe Morgan is 15. Her birthday was November 22. She is a very smart & pretty girl. When she was born, we lived in Freedom, Wyoming. It was well below zero & we had a lot of snow. She was born the Monday before Thanksgiving, so we went to my inlaws house so I didn't have to do anything for Thanksgiving dinner, my baby being just a few days old an all. She refused to keep her blanket on. I put her in her carseat & sat her on the living room floor. I put a blanket on her since it was so bitterly cold, she kicked it off. Elaine, my mother in law, put it back on her, she kicked it off. Elaine kept putting it back on her & she would just kick until it was off then settle down in deep sleep, until the blanket was put back on. I finally convinced Elaine it wasn't worth it since she obviously didn't want it on so she just left it. Morgan isn't that way anymore. You can find her wrapped in a blanket any time she is sleeping, watching tv, reading.......etc., and definately has a zillion hoodies & jackets to wear.

We love you Morgan, Happy Birthday!!!


Sandra said...

Morgan! I totally spaced your birthday. I am so sorry.

Happy Birthday (late) Morgan.

Morgan said...

that's ok. i think a lot of people forgot because of the wedding and all. but that's all right. but it is so true that i am always in a blanket they are my fav. i had no idea that i would kick off a blanket unless i was really super hot!! i am always bugging mom that i need more jackets or hoodies and i am always finding the cutest ones for a really good price. they are all just too cute to not wear.