Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My sister tagged me. OK, so it's been a while, but here we go....

Eight things I'm looking forward to:

1. Andy & Leza's wedding on Friday in the Logan Temple.

2. Seeing my parents/family/friends Friday for the wedding.

3. Morgan's birthday on Saturday (I can't believe she is going to be 15!!)/ the other kids birthdays thru the year.

4. Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law Sirena's house. There is always a good time had by all. My kids beg every year to get to go & threaten mutiny if we don't.

5. Starting/finishing Christmas shopping (haven't done much besides wedding planning).

6. Listening to Christmas music/decorating/watching Christmas movies.

7. Gary going on a mission next summer!!! (though I am going to miss him while he is gone)

8. NEXT SUMMER! (a break from AmeriCorp for 3 months)

Eight things on my wish list:

1. A spotless house, all the time.

2. Continued health in my family.

3. To finish getting out of debt, we are so close.

4. The cars to continue functioning fabulously.

5. Our jobs to be secure/security.

6. My family to love each other unconditionally.

7. To travel more/to places I haven't been before.

8. Did I mention security?

Eight TV shows I like to watch:


2. Psych

3. Monk

4. Burn Notice

5. In Plain Sight

6. My Own Worst Enemy

7. Life On Mars

8. Corner Gas

(as well as Privileged, 90210 & 3rd Rock From the Sun)

Eight things that happened yesterday:

1. I went to Curves at 5:30am.

2. I went to work.

3. I went to a study group for AmeriCorp.

4. I bought tablecloths for the wedding luncheon.

5. Drew cut Tanner's hair.

6. Drew got her hair colored for the wedding.

7. I started making tacos for dinner, but had to run Tanner for his haircut & the kids finished cooking.

8. Fell asleep watching TV (3rd rock) with Gary & Lexie.

Feel free to do as you please with these catagories.

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Sandra said...

And if I thought there would be time between the wedding and the reception and if she had nothing to do, I'd have Drew cut my hair as well.