Monday, November 10, 2008


I am done with the bridesmaid dresses. I have spent most of my time lately doing these. I haven't cooked dinner for my family forever & have been staying up late into the night, every night, trying to get them to be exactly what Leza wanted them to be. Of course, there are always snags.

We went by the girls measurements to get the patterns. Last time I sewed for Drew, we went by measurements & it was too small. This time the pattern sizes seemed too big...they were.

I cut them all out at the same time so I could just sew & not have to stop to cut out again. Lexie, still being in a childs size 7/8, though she is 2 months away from 12 years old, fit perfectly with her measurements. I did hers first & had no snags. Next I did Drew's. It fit her like a tent & I was going to have to take it in, a lot. So I started on Morgan's figuring it would be too big for her as well and I would just do the altering on both at the same time. As I was sewing Morgan's, I got to looking at it, and decided to have Drew try it on. It fit her perfectly. Stupid pattern measurements weren't even close!!! So I finished sewing Morgan's, for Drew. I now had 2 dresses down & had to figure out what to do for Morgan. I obviously couldn't go by the measurements on the patterns. I got some cheap fabric at DI & proceeded to make her a 'fake dress' out of the same pattern as Lexie. She will be 15 the day after the wedding & this dress is a childs size 14 pattern. IT FIT!!! I just had to lower the neckline & waistline 1 inch. I unpicked the dress that I had made for Drew, which had been surged and everything already & proceeded to cut out the new dress for Morgan. Between the fabric for Drew's dress & the left over I had enough to make the new dress. I am now done & remember why I don't sew for them anymore once they are out of childrens patterns.

Morgan & Lexie's dresses are slightly different from the other 3 since they don't have that dress in the childs sizes. They match well though & I think that Leza likes the way they turned out. I hope they are everything she was wanting them to be.

picture to come

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Lexie said...

hurray for mommy!!
I'm happy for you.