Saturday, November 15, 2008

Double good

My son, Andy, is getting married, next week. His fiancee, Leza, went through the Logan Temple for the first time this morning. There happens to be a girl from our ward that is getting married the same day. She went through the same session. They were the only 2 new people in that session. How cool is that! We all got to be at the Temple with them, and they with us, and that kind of made up for us not being able attend each others receptions, in fact, it was way better. It made for a very special morning.


Anonymous said...

I never knew they had sessions thar small there. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

woops that

loretta said...

Well, the session was full, not a spare seat, women on the opposite side even, but just Leza & Tiffany going for the first time.