Friday, February 12, 2010

It Must Be Love!

So I took yesterday off to finish altering Morgan's dress, and finished early (on Wednesday night!) and took the day off any way. I did get the Mission poster blogs all caught up. I got all the birthday blogs all caught up, as well as Tanner's Baptism day. The next thing I'm going to tackle is getting the vacation blogs caught up. All two of them. The one to Vegas may take a couple of blogs because we had so much fun.....the one to New Mexico as well. Anyway, hopefully I get to that tomorrow, or the first of next week.

Wynn came home last night and told me that they had today off instead of tomorrow because of the parts they need not being there until Saturday. Then he asked if I was going to take the day off and spend it with him. SURE! Twist my arm. Oh, darn, I have to find a sub. Drew was already taken. So I spent a while and finally at 9:30pm found a sub! YAY!!!

So today I took Tanner to school and got things ready for Grandpa Joe to teach my kindergartners. 2nd grade was having a Valentines party for reading groups. Then I headed home.

We had what I'm calling a high school/college date, and boy was it fun. First we went bowling (which I haven't been for so long that I totally stink on ice at it) then went grocery shopping for a couple of items. Took them home then headed for a movie in the middle of the day. I love that. And I love that Wynn took me to see 'When In Rome', a total chick flick. He is so great like that! It was really cute (predictable ending) but still really cute. I would so watch it again, even let my kids watch it. I told him next week he could take me to see 'Valentines Day'. And he's so great like that that he probably will.

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