Saturday, February 13, 2010

First Sweethearts Dance

Sweethearts at the high school is a girls choice dance. I don't know if they do that because they figure that way all girls will have a chance to go to a formal dance that might not be asked to Homecoming or Prom, but I think it's an odd dance to have girls choice. With that said, it was Morgan's first Sweethearts Dance. Being the social butterfly that she is, she chose to go. And I must say she was beautimous, even if I do say so myself.
For the 'day date', they went to one of the girls houses for breakfast, so it only cost 3 packages of sausage. There were 10 couples in the group. After breakfast they went up behind her house to go sledding. Had a blast.
Then it was time to come home and start getting ready for the dance.

The perfect dress.....and modest too!

Borrowed my jewelry

Sister Drew's expertise on the hair.

Side view of the hair

(what are we going to do when Drew is half way around the world working on the cruise ship!!!)

Borrowed my coat

Such a princess

I had to alter the shoulders

they stuck up away from her body.

Don't know where she gets hamming up the camera from.

Very old Hollywood

Borrowed my shoes

(what would they do without my closet?)

Then head for pictures and dinner. One of the mom's did the pictures for them so they only cost $10/per couple instead of the $25-$30 for the schools photos. Yeah! For dinner, one of the dad's is co-owner of The Elements, so the girls paid $20/couple, could order whatever they wanted, and her dad paid the rest. Another YEAH! Then they headed back to our house so we could get pictures of them together........

Morgan and friend Christopher

Christopher and Morgan

This is what happens when you ask them a question during photos

There's the smile we spent so much money on!

Then off to the dance where they had a blast! After the dance they headed home to change and then off to go bowling. So glad that she has such good friends that have so much good fun together.

Sweethearts #1 many more to go?


briannajenkins said...

I LOVE her dress. Where did you find it?!

loretta said...

Here in Logan at Petals and Promises....and for only $99 too!!! Can you believe it?