Thursday, February 11, 2010

I know, I know!

OK. So I promised FOREVER ago that I was going to go back and update my blog. Clear back to October when we took our trip to Vegas. Apparently it hasn't been done. I have varying excuses and reasons, some legit, some just to make me feel better for not doing it.

So this week I have been altering the dress I bought Morgan Saturday for the Sweethearts dance this Saturday. It fit like a glove, except the shoulders. I have been working on it since Monday. I only had 2nd grade today, so I planned on taking the day off to make sure the dress was done before the last second. So yesterday I informed my 2nd graders that they would have Miss Drew for a sub today. They were really excited about that. They love her. So when I actually finished it last night, I decided I couldn't disappoint the kiddos and actually show up to work, so I still took the day off.

Now the decision was, what of the meriad of things I have on my to do list should I do today? I actually even contemplated doing none of it and just spend the day reading a book, which I haven't done FOREVER! But no, I saw my camera sitting there and decided to download all the pictures to the computer. Done. Since I'm on the computer I may as well start the updates to the blog.....but I checked Facebook first. Where my mom caught me!

So now I have updated the background and written my blog for today. I have every intention of getting the missionary poster and birthday blogs caught up today. Then we'll see what time it is and how close it is to the kids getting home from school. And every intention of keeping up-to-date with this again while catching up at the same time. Gotta eat that elephant one bite at a time, right?

And we all know what road is paved with good intentions!

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Dad Mom said...

Maybe i'll learn something about fb, yet. I had just been talking to Uncle Melburn. So glad his kids got him on there, it is easier to keep up that way. It is just hard for him, since he only has one hand. Love Mom