Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!

I used to leave our Christmas decorations up until New Years, then we had Tanner a few days after Christmas. In order to keep his birthday just his birthday, we take the decorations down the day after Christmas. This year was no different. At least in the taking down the decorations part. Wynn decided he didn't want to haul the tree down to the Christmas tree drop off. Instead he wanted to burn it to see how fast it would burn since for some reason it dried out really fast this year. It usually is barely started to dry up when it's time to take it out.

I didn't want it burned in my backyard, even though the fire department is only a few blocks away, and the fire hydrant is in my yard. I told him he had to call our dear friend the Fire Chief. Craig decided he was in and told us to meet him at the mouth of Green Canyon. He even went so far as to call and tell the fire house that if they got a report of a fire at the mouth of the canyon that it was just us and he was with us. And does it scare anyone that I was the adult representative in this situation?

If you choose to watch, beware of the off key (on purpose) singing and silly comments. And sorry, I had to turn it on it's side to fit it in the screen.

(and this was done with no disrespect to Christmas. It was just a tree at this point)


shlipea said...

That was awesome. Also, I love Tanner's comments in the background. :)

.............. said...

Oh my!
Happy New Year!