Friday, December 25, 2009

The Best Christmas Gift EVER!!!

This morning we got up around 6:30. We went downstairs to see what Santa had brought. (More on that on a later blog) Then we went upstairs and opened the gifts under the tree. We had just finished that when...........

We got to talk to him for ONE HOUR! Even though I get an email from him every week, it was sooooooo good to here his voice. He spent Christmas Eve with a great family there in Texas. He told me the dad had sent me an email. So I came downstairs and got on my email and had the 2nd best present.........


Elder Memmott watching Elder Gary checking his email

Elder Memmott and Elder Gary with the Christmas tree

Elder Gary with the Christmas tree.
(what a good looking man)

with his Amarillo, Texas mug for his hot chocolate

Elder Memmott, Elder Taylor (just home from Korea) and Elder Gary

The Group
Elder Gary, Brother Taylor, Sister Taylor, Elder Taylor and Elder Memmott

With the Texas flag

Saluting the Texas flag

(he really does love Texas!)

Doesn't he look good! I am so glad that he had such an awesome family to spend Christmas Eve with. Thank you Brother and Sister Taylor!!! Merry Christmas to your family and God Bless You!


Sandra said...

My kids want to know where Elder Memmott calls home

Dad Mom said...

And we burn the tree, why ? Love Mom