Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Today was Tuesday. Therefore, it means tonight was Mutual. Tonight happened to be the Young Mens/Young Womens combined activity. The YM were in charge. We went caroling to people in the ward......

We got to the church, had a prayer, got instructions of whose houses we were going to....and then found out that they couldn't get a wagon this year. What!!! The kids were so disappointed. So we loaded up in vehicles and drove to each house. I had 6 girls with me, and oh how much fun we had. I think we had as much fun driving to the houses as we had singing at the houses. We sang 2 songs at each house. Each recipient being ever so appreciative of our thoughtfulness. But as we got in the van to drive to the next house, we would listen to Christmas songs. There was much singing and much more laughter, loudly on both counts, on the short drive. It was a nice night for it, no below zero freezing temps like we had last week!

The last house was one of my neighbors.....Crazy Bonnie. (said respectfully and well earned, of course. Bless her heart) We got to the house, all lined up on the walk and porch, rang the doorbell, she opened the door and we began to sing.......she actually stood there and listened for a few bars......then she yelled for us to get off her porch, slammed the door and turned of ALL the lights, inside and out!!! The kids all faltered for a second and looked at us leaders and we kept on singing. We finished that song and proceeded to sing 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' just like we did all the other houses we had gone to. Then we proceeded to the Church house for cookies and hot chocolate. All the kids laughing there heads off at what Crazy Bonnie did. (at what she did, not at her)

They loved it. Had a blast that they will never forget. Or not for a long time at least, if they don't write about it in their journals.


Dad Mom said...

Is she a member of the church ? Has anyone ever visited with her to see what the problem is ?

Drewann Jenkins said...

if she is a memer sh is inactve. and she is literally crazy. she is the relative of one of my old beauty school instructors, and she has panic attacks and stops breathing when getting her hair colored. she is a scary crazy driver... she almost hit me the other day. its just the way she is, and acts, she is invited to activities and such but never comes. but we are kind and warm loving neighbors to her none the less.