Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today is my parents anniversary----48 years, 7 children (spouses), 24 grandchildren (3, and almost 5, with spouses), and 1 (2 next month) great-grandchildren later, I think they are still happy, if not a little nuts from it all. I don't have the pictures my sister has, but I do have some from the wedding in November.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

Dean and Elaine Jenkins, Andy and Leza Jenkins, Gary and Inez Hulsey

(I thought I had one of just them and Andy and Leza, but I can't find it, so....they are on the right by Leza with Wynn's parents on the left by Andy.)


Anonymous said...

Thank You, Love Dad
Oh! BTW it's 48 but whose counting

loretta said...

Ya. I hit 2008 & 47 both knowing it was 2009 & 48. I was getting ready to go to my study group. That's what I get for doing it in a hurry. Happy Anniversary anyway!!!

Jaime said...

WOW, what an accomplishment!! Doesn't happen much these days!