Friday, September 26, 2008

It's yer birthday!!!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. My sister did a wonderful happy birthday to him. (she is better at getting the cute little things onto her blog. Maybe I'll be better at it by next year.) So ditto what she put on hers. He has been through a lot, but just keeps going. So......HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Today is my oldest daughters, Drew (Drewann to family & anyone from Star Valley) birthday. She is a grown-up 21 years old! She had to grow up early to take care of the other kids & the house. I was always so sick when I was pregnant. I always had migraines when I wasn't. My memory of her was just one of these occasions. I was laying on the couch with a massive migraine, AND pregnant, trying to supervise my 3 little children. I am a seamstress & was in the middle of homecoming dresses, so the sewing stuff was out. My sewing scissors are ginghers, very razor sharp, big no-no to kids. She was in kindergarten, just turned 6 years old, so Gary had to be only 3 at the time. He got ahold of my scissors and was opening & shutting them repeatedly like little kids like to do. Drew told me he had them & went to get them from him because I couldn't, just as he shut them, right on her hand. She hardly whimpered. I grabbed a washcloth, put ice in it & slapped it on her hand. I wasn't sure how bad it was because it wasn't really bleeding much. I somehow, in my foggy state, knew not to lift the patch of skin. We rushed her to the emergency room, where they discovered he had knicked the nerves. She got stitches & has a really cute scar to this day. She has just always known what to do.
She has fixed her 2 sisters hair since she was pretty young, so it isn't surprising that she is a stylist now. She does the most amazing things with hair. She fixed her cousin, Shaylas, hair for her bridals, wedding & reception. She is going to fix her brothers fiancees for her.
Being a dare-devil & thrill seeker, she was going to go sky diving today with her cousins & younger brother since she doesn't go partying & drinking. Of course I don't see any reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane myself. They all pooped out on her. Money issues, they said, since they are poor college students. Maybe they will all get to go next spring. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW!