Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year 2014

     I got on here today after not having written anything for a while with full intentions of just saying Happy New Year! Intentions of just spending some time for a few days or nights getting caught up on this blog of my life. It seriously took me quite a while to even figure out how to get on here, much less post anything, and the next time is probably going to take me just as long. What do I discover when I finally do figure it out and  navigate my way here? I discover that I haven't been on here or posted anything for longer than I thought. I discover that it is going to take a lot longer than just a few days or nights of updating past happenings and writing new posts to get caught up, and stay caught up, and re-figure out how to do things on here. After all, I'm not a technology whiz by any means. I need to load pictures on here, from the last 2 1/2 years apparently, update the background, get caught up on family happenings and lives...and things have changed on here drastically from what I can see.
      It is the way it goes I guess. Time passes and we don't even realize how much has passed or how fast it's passing. We have all the plans and intentions to do so many things and accomplish great goals and make great strides in our lives. Do they happen? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. And why is that? Do we get busy? Not pay attention to what is really going on in our own life? Waste time with what is considered by some to be silly or frivolous things or only with the 'mundane tasks' of the reality of life? Sometimes both? Is it bad, never good, to just take a self-imposed time out in our life just playing, watching tv/movies, FB or just the internet in general? Is it always good, never bad, to only focus on the 'mundane tasks' of life in, chores, errands, work, etc etc etc. And is it good to just run on the proverbial gerbil wheel day after day after day? I don't feel either is necessarily right or wrong, just different, and both are needed to have some sort of balance in our life.
     So maybe that is what I should hope/plan for myself this year, balance in my life. A balance between what I feel to be the mundane and the fun, Spiritual and worldly, peace and chaos (because chaos can be fun after all).  Maybe I can get caught up on here while I'm on one of my self-imposed time outs.
     This is the first day of a New Year. People feel it is a time to start with a clean slate, of new beginnings, to start over, or again, or just start. What is it that the turning of the calendar to a new year makes us feel this hope and resolve that we didn't have a week ago? Today is just yesterdays tomorrow after all. Maybe all of our tomorrows should hold the same bright outlook.    


Paisley Girl said...

Fun to read! I think balance is the secret to life-but balance changes constantly so that's what makes it so hard to achieve. And YES to a bright outlook!

loretta said...

Thanks sweetie! What is your blog address so I can follow yours now that I'm back in the blogging world?